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Hi all,
I just built a simple grails app following Mike Kelly's excellent grails sceencast series. I'm trying to take the next step now and start using plugins.
When I try to install the grails-searchable-0.6.3 plugin (or a number of other plugins) I get an "unresolved dependencies" error. From various other posts and forums I see advice to clear the ivy cache, which I've done, but this hasn't helped.

What I'm doing is the following (on windows xp).
Downloading the plugin from:
saving the zipped file onto:
then from within my grails app I'm running:
C:\grails\MyGrailsApp\grails install-plugin C:\grails\

I see a lot of "Downloading: " messages and then:
:: Problems summary ::

| Error Could not resolve all dependencies for plugin searchable

Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for your time.