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Welcome to the Grails Plugins forum!


For a long time, most Grails questions and discussions were directed to the Grails user mailing list. As traffic increased, the number of questions related specifically to plugins began to drown out those connected with the core framework.

In an effort to manage all these questions, we have set up this forum for all questions related to the Grails plugins, leaving the mailing list for questions and discussions about core Grails. This forum also makes for a better browsing and searching experience and doesn't require users to sign up to a mailing list in order to post.

Even those that prefer mailing lists are catered for as you can subscribe to sub-forums and also post messages via e-mail. Note that if you subscribe to the top-level Grails Plugins forum, you will receive the messages from *all* sub-forums!



Peter Ledbrook
Grails Advocate
SpringSource - A Division of VMware