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Grails/GWT starter issue

Hey all,
Jumping new into Grails 2.0.4, using the GTS 3.0.0M3 IDE with the GWT plugin.

I found a challenge that I'm not sure if related to ignorance, a bug, or an incorrect approach.

When creating GWT module/pages with this approach:
create-gwt-page main/index.gsp com.myapp.MyApp

The GWT portion does not seem to work at all.

However, when I use this approach, which ignores all the layout/sitemesh/GSP items:
create-gwt-page raw/index.html com.myapp.MyApp
GWT seems to now work (after editing to hardcode the nocache.js location, which even when doing the same to the above version does not work).

What is the best approach and should I be worried about loosing benefits from doing it the non-GSP way, or is this the only/best way to work with GWT?

thanks for any feedback, and any other tips to working GWT with Grails would be great :-)